Where did USA President get the power to make law?

In my limited understanding of government and our three legs of our government. The President did not have the power to make law. Only Congress has that power and the House holds the purse strings…
Where did Pres. O get the power to make a law to allow 800,000 illegal immigrants amnesty? The guy who wrote the article for Time Magazine, is a criminal at best… , his grandfather got him a illegal passport and with that he got an illegal social security number… sure he seems like a great guy… but if we don’t follow the rule of law and bend the rules here and there who decides which laws to apply and which ones to break and for whom…

How many immigration laws do we need to have?  There is a process and maybe that process needs to be changed… but we need to make it so that there is a limited number of people who come here especially if our unemployment numbers are so high… Everyone is saying that “jobs” is the top priority… why would we allow more people to immigrate here if there are no jobs for the legal citizens?

This isn’t politically correct but when anyone takes a stand for what is right is not politically correct.  In my opinion, every time an application ask what race you are, is racial. Giving money to attend college to every ethnic group except white people is racial… If you’re male, white and over 18.. you are usually just out of luck.


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