Current Events

NASA what was once the crowning jewel of American can do spirit has been reorganized, defunded? and the space shuttles have been shuttled off to different cities in the USA.

The space program is now being operated by a private companies. Who bid on contracts with NASA.  Just watched a launch of the a flight this morning.

When Atlantis launched in July, 2011, it was the last of NASA’s space shuttle flights. The event marked the endof a 30-year program that has put 777 people in orbit.

The good news is, it is not the end of space exploration in the United States. Companies have been engaging in a private sector space race alongside and in partnership with NASA for quite some time.

SEE ALSO: Space Shuttle Launch: Photos from the Final Atlantis FlightIn April, 2011, NASA awarded four of these companies $269 million to develop spacecraft, and companies in the private sector have also established expertise in other aspects of space travel, like space suits and climate control. Some are even famously selling tickets for consumer space flights.

Another interesting article on the space program is here:


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