Listening Meetings

Last Thursday we (hubby and I) as well as approximately another 100 people attended a “Listening Meeting” at the REACH Center in Richland WA for the purpose of voicing our concern and solution as to the USFS Travel Management plan and access roads to our multiple use national forest.

The majority of the people there are in favor of keeping the forest roads open and having accessibility to the forest. The Umatilla National Forest, is the area in question but in reality it is all the forest nation wide. The particular area in the Umatilla National Forest has had a road through it longer than I’ve been alive and use to be a toll road. The area is called Tollgate and now with the plan they USFS has will create new wilderness in this area that has been a recreational area, skiing, snowmobiling, camping, hunting, gathering for well over a hundred years.

The one thing most people don’t realize that in the plan (A) the USFS wants to implement, the general forest area will be slated to have windmill farms out in the multiple use or general forest. Tracks of trees will be removed and closed access areas will be implemented to lease out the USFS land to either domestic or foreign energy companies for wind energy.

The research I have done on wind energy is:
1) They were in their beginning heavily subsidized by the US government. Every time you look at  a windmill, think I and every other person in this nation and for generations to come will be paying out taxes of approximately $1,000,000.00 for each and every windmill constructed in this nation. $One million dollars apiece. Every time I see a windmill, and usually there are several more than just one, all I can think of, this nation has saddled every citizen, even those who aren’t born yet with a tremendous debt load to pay for windmills.
2) Wind energy produces only at best maybe 2% of the required amount of electricity needed to meet the demands of the nation.
3) The turbines of the windmills kill birds.
4) The windmills have the potential to malfunction and start fires.
5) They are an eye soar.

The whole proposal to have limited access to our forest is to keep the people out, we get to pay for it but we don’t get to utilize it.
In my honest opinion, it is to follow the mandates of the 1992 Earth Summit meeting also known as Agenda 21.